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AGRAZONE is a dynamic and growing company which designs and markets:
- agricultural machines for drying cereals (dryers)
At GRAZONE , through its identity liability (EUROMAT) has conquered a leading position on the international market, in more than 40 years of activity, by constantly trying to improve the quality standards and the value of its products thanks to a policy investments in technology and human resources.
AGRAZONE is therefore a company strongly oriented towards a future where it will become one of the protagonists of the market.

Agricultural machinery for the farm or for professionals

Flexible and available in a wide range of models for all requirements, AGRAZONE agricultural machines are essential because they are reliable, safe, functional and for the high quality of materials and finishes.
Our dryers, fixed or mobile, with PTO tractor or electric motor, are designed to be transported by truck or in a container.


Assistance and design
AGRAZONE puts technical solutions at the forefront to offer the best to the customer in terms of efficiency and quality. The company aims to achieve these important objectives by constantly making investments in research and development and by developing human resources. The results of such an effort are the always innovative design, the constant optimization of performance, the careful customization of the machines and the preparation of manuals for use, maintenance and spare parts which are easy to consult and always up to date. of any situation.
OSZU or PRADO silos certified production
All OSZU machines or PRADO silos are manufactured in establishments where experienced and qualified operators manage state-of-the-art systems and machines. All the phases of the cycle have been studied in order to have total control of the whole process, from design to final testing.

High quality
AGRAZONE guarantees the exclusive use of reliable materials, bearing the CE label and carefully selected by the best suppliers. The quality tests carried out in the factory before delivery, the perfect assembly of the machine as per the project, the careful assistance and the management of after-sales services confirm the level of excellence of AGRAZONE .

Automation as a choice
AGRAZONE has, through its partners, highly technological components with communication networks to control all peripheral devices. State-of-the-art computer media will soon enable remote and web-based remote assistance services.


Fast and secure shipping
AGRAZONE strives every day, with its partners, to improve its delivery method. All our machines are designed to be easily dismantled and stored in the least amount of space possible. The packaging has been designed so that the components do not suffer any damage even in the event of transhipment or long stops. The logistics department is also very well organized to guarantee fast and safe shipments worldwide.

Installation and testing
The agricultural machines distributed by AGRAZONE are based on manufacturing techniques so simple that the customer is able to assemble them himself. Our staff is however always available to give them information and resolve any problems.

Technicians specializing in mechanical and electrical assembly need only a few working days to put them into service. After testing the machine, the technicians show the customer how it works and inform him about the correct way to maintain it.

After sales service
After-sales service, one of the foundations of AGRAZONE's philosophy, is always ready to help the customer to satisfy any requirement: advice to solve different problems, suggestions to increase the productivity and reliability of the machines and intervention quick on the spot when needed.

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Environment & Development
environnment Agrazone

Biomass is the major target of the drying of the future, valuing the by-products ..

Characteristics of "pellet" drying

  • Calorific value :> 4.7 to 5.3 kWh / kg (depending on the quality of the pellet)

    • 2 kg of pellets equals 1 L of fuel oil

  • Diameter: 5 to 6 mm

  • Max. Length : 60 mm

  • Max content in water: <10%

  • Max content in dust: <10%

  • Ash rate : less than 0.5% (DIN +) or 0.7% (NF)

  • Energy density (kJ / m3 or kWh / m3) compared to forest chips: four times higher, which makes them interesting for individual boiler projects whose powers are between 10 and 30 kW (or more in Northern Europe where “ecological” taxation also favors large heating network projects powered by wood, unless the forest brochure is technologically usable because it costs 30% less and production is really close.

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Environment & Ecology

Respect for the environment is a priority aspect for the agriculture sector: both for those who produce the machines and for those who use them. It is for this reason that in the production of our machines we carefully choose the raw materials, lubricants and paints that will be used in the production processes.

We use robust materials which guarantee a long service life and which, at the end of the machine life cycle,
must be disposed of in accordance with the strictest environmental standards for disposal.

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