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mobile dryers 

Choice of combustion mode:

fuel (with or without heat exchanger_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d)

- gas (with or without heat exchanger )

- biomass

on the whole range of our dryers (vertical or horizontal).

Our quality policy

• Respond to customer needs on time and in the desired manner,
• Inform the customer in detail about the use of our product,
• Increase customer satisfaction with the quality of our products and services.
• Determine the needs and expectations of customers in the most precise way, to meet the requirements of the maximum level.
• Be a follower of sector innovations and make associated investments,
• Improve production efficiency and ensure quality by targeting continuous improvement.
• Increase the level of qualification of our staff through continuous training activities,
• Always be a reliable company,

Özsu Agricultural Machinery Co. has a solid technical staff made up of engineers and technicians. It continues its activities in the sector with all employees aware that quality is a shared responsibility.

sechoi mobile biomasse Agrazone
zone départ séchoirs mobiles
logo société AGRAZONE
séchoir mobile  Agrazone 2020
séchoir mobile Agrazone avec chaudière biomasse
logo société AGRAZONE
séchoir  AGRAZONE à pépins et graines fragiles

Dryer for fragile seeds

In accordance with the requirements of our farmers, in addition to developing agricultural technologies, Özsu Machinery has developed our horizontal dryers after 5 years of R&D work.

Thanks to its success in drying products with high humidity levels (outside the field of vertical drying machines) , our farmers are able to offer products faster on the markets and bring added value. Some of these products are pumpkin seeds, pepper pulp, fruit pulp, fruit peel, pomegranate seeds, various seeds, etc.

Our range below:

YTKM6 7.2 m3, YTKM8 9.6 m3, YTKM10 12 m3, YTKM15 18 m3 of production.

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