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PRADO SILOS designs in order to offer the best solution to the different needs of different applications
commercial and manufactures using the latest technology. Our silos are perfectly designed for
withstand the loads produced by continuous use, strong winds and heavy snowfall.
The silos use a vertical system of supports which clearly increase the efficiency of the steel linked to the maximum resistance of the silo. This support system can also be adapted to meet and add to the different infrastructure load conditions.
additional reinforcements on points of greatest stress, such as below
Finally, our grain storage silos offer great resistance to corrosion thanks to the use of
ZM-310 galvanized sheet on the ferrules, on the roof areas and for reinforcements.
We will describe below the main components of the silos as well as their characteristics:


  • Standards and regulations

At PRADO Storage Solutions we carry out all structural calculations in accordance with regulations and
following standards:
EN 1990 - Bases for structural design.
EN 1991-4 - Actions on structures; Silos and tanks.
EN 1993-4-1 - Design of steel structures; Silos and tanks.
EN 1993-1-3 - Design of steel structures; Additional rules for walled profiles and jails
thin cold formed.
EN 1993-1-5 - Design of steel structures; Planar plates loaded in their plane.
EN 1993-1-8 - Design of steel structures. Calculation of assemblies.
ANSI / ASAE EP433 - Loads exerted by free grain ux in silos.
ANSI / ASAE EP545 - Loads exerted by free grain ux in shallow storage structures.
ANSI / ASAE D241.4 - "Density, specific gravity and mass humidity. Grain relationships for storage.
DIN 1055 - Design charges for constructions. Loads on silos, snow loads and wind loads.
DIN 18800 - Metallic steel structures. Design and construction.
DIN 18914 - Cylindrical steel tower silos with thin walls.

  • Flat bottom silos

These silos are mounted on concrete foundations with a flat or conical bottom. Our wide range of bottom silos
flat offers volumes ranging from 39 m³ to 25,232 m³ .
This type of silos is used for short or long term storage of grain, oil seeds and others
granulated materials which flow freely.
The flat-bottomed silos are distributed with all the accessories necessary for the operation of a whole
factory: sweeper screw, level and temperature controls, ventilation systems with integrated fans
and all necessary support structures.

cellule grain à fond plat

Access door
We supply with all our silos a complete series of access doors totally
Roof access door

This access door is located on the roof
near the silo awning. She is
used to access the silo, normally
when the silo is fully
full. You can access this door
from the ground using a fixed ladder
on the silo wall or from the walkway
thanks to a tilting ladder.

Side access door
On all flat-bottomed silos, and that
standard, a door is placed
side access on the second
ring. Another possibility: the door
side access or additional door
can be placed on another
ring to adapt to the needs of
the installation.
For hopper silos, this door
access is located on the second

Vehicle access door
We also offer a
optional lower access door which
allows front entry of a trailer
or any other vehicle for
remove all the grains from the silo.

Ventilation system
For all grain storage systems it is essential to install good ventilation so that storage
takes place in perfect conditions. Properly managed ventilation systems can control invasions
insects and reduce damage to the grain.

Ventilation domes
The ventilation grilles prevent
birds do not enter the silo. The
number of ventilation domes varies
depending on the diameter of the silo and the type of
grain to store.
Connections between roof sectors
and the ventilation domes is made
with special high materials

Roof fans
These large volume fans
produce effective air suction
necessary to reduce condensation
at the top of the silo.
Roof fans, as well as
main ventilation fans
are used to effectively avoid the
deterioration of the grain stored in the

Ventilation channels
The ventilation channels are formed by
perforated sheets. The total length
ventilation channels depends on the
total size of silo and volume to
Designs of ventilation channels
standard can be performed in
V or H shape depending on the total area and volume of the silos

trappe d'accès en toiture silo / cellule
liaison plateforme entre silos / cellules à grain
porte accès véhicules sur cellules / silos
aération en toiture silo / cellule
ventilation haute en toiture silo / cellule
vis de reprise integrale dans silo / cellule grain

SILO FS 12′ – Ø 3.640 mm

SILO FS 15′ – Ø 4.550 mm

SILO FS 18′ – Ø 5.460 mm

SILO FS 21′ – Ø 6.367 mm

SILO FS 24′ – Ø 7.277 mm

SILO FS 27′ – Ø 8.187 mm

SILO FS 30′ – Ø 9.095 mm

SILO FS 33′ – Ø 10.005 mm

SILO FS 36′ – Ø 10.915 mm

SILO FS 39′ – Ø 11.825 mm

SILO FS 42′ – Ø 12.735 mm

SILO FS 45′ – Ø 13.664 mm

SILO FS 48′ – Ø 14.555 mm

SILO FS 51′ – Ø 15.463 mm

SILO FS 54′ – Ø 16.375 mm

SILO FS 57′ – Ø 17.282 mm

SILO FS 60′ – Ø 18.190 mm

SILO FS 63′ – Ø 19.101 mm

SILO FS 66′ – Ø 20.010 mm

SILO FS 69′ – Ø 20.920 mm

SILO FS 72′ – Ø 21.830 mm

SILO FS 75′ – Ø 22.739 mm

SILO FS 78′ – Ø 23.650 mm

SILO FS 81′ – Ø 24.558 mm

SILO FS 84′ – Ø 25.468 mm

SILO FS 87′ – Ø 26.378 mm

SILO FS 90′ – Ø 27.290 mm

SILO FS 93′ – Ø 28.197 mm

SILO FS 96′ – Ø 29.106 mm

SILO FS 99′ – Ø 30.016 mm

SILO FS 102′ – Ø 30.925 mm

SILO FS 105′ – Ø 31.835 mm

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