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"The right questions to ask yourself before embarking on an investment"

• What type of grain does the farmer want to store? For example, storing corn requires a dryer.
• What is the number of lots to be stored? It is not the same to store once 1,000 quintals and ten times 100 quintals.

• What are the existing installations: is there already a building or masonry?
• The constraints of the ground: are there hydromorphic problems and how deep can we dig?
• What is the overall budget to devote?
• How will the cooling ventilation be provided?
• Does the farmer want to clean the grain or not dust it or not? Cleaning or dusting is an effective way to control insects. Dusting thanks to a cyclone leaves broken grains and large waste. A cleaner performs more efficient work (sizing, seed preparation). This additional installation requires a budget of 30 to 35,000 euros (cleaner + second lift + platform + grids + waste bin ...). In all cases, a space must be provided for the cleaner.
• How will the grain shipment be organized? In cell storage, two solutions are possible: high flow recovery handling with human presence throughout the filling of the truck, or low flow handling and a bushel of shipping. Despite the additional purchase of the bushel, if the number of handling operations to be planned for the entire installation is important, the bushel solution is more economical.
• Think carefully about electrical safety and electrical control systems. They can considerably reduce the monitoring time spent at the foot of the installations.
• Make the installation scalable.
• Take into account the administrative delays in the countdown between the start of the project and its completion. To obtain a building permit, it takes two to three months; for an appointment with ENEDIS, count six months ......

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