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viroles de silo / cellule
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The ferrules of our cells are made of premium galvanized sheet metal using a specific surface treatment: ZM-310 galvanization.

The robotic production allows for flawless realization of the holes tangent to the previously formed undulations. (guarantee of quality in terms of structure and time saving during assembly)

renforts silos /cellules de stockage grain
ensemble cellules à fond plat
toiture silo / cellule à grain


The roofs of our cells are made of premium galvanized sheet metal th. 0.8mm via the specific surface treatment: ZM-310 galvanization (slope at 30 or 35 ° depending on the slope of the specific product).

From a certain diameter, a ZM-310 galvanized structure is provided and the number of profiles composing it are distributed in proportion to the diameter of the silo and according to the calculation of loads on the roof (snow, wind, etc.), its development is studied according to each geographic location.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


renforts montants silos


The reinforcements are made from premium galvanized steel sheet metal: ZM-310 galvanization for all thicknesses.

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